Saturday, August 20, 2016

It's as if the Gods saved me. it's as if they knew my name and called it. There I was in a crowd of strangers, and all of a sudden the strangers eyes came into view to become the hero. We find people in our lives that are there to share our journeys with. I was awoken by his laughter. I saw him inside myself. It felt at ease, merging, dancing, open. Discovery can only happen when the heart is open, this is my biggest teaching of today. If we call to the universe, it listens. It showed me my place. Tonight I learned of the Teaching Tree, of the waves of California, the 4 shields, all wanders I know deep down connect to me, to my dream. We are all here to mirror each other, to connect and to dance the dance of life together. As my good friend told me, we gift each other the reflections of each of our beings, and with this we can process our light.

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